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Edmonton, Alberta

The Edmonton Track and Field Council is the central governing body for Track and Field activities in the Greater Edmonton Area. We oversee and support all clubs, coaches, athletes, volunteers and training facilities. We support the development and growth of the sport of Track and Field in the City of Edmonton Alberta. We want to see the sport of Track and Field in Edmonton grow and all participants acheive their best.

About Us

The Edmonton Track and Field Council (ETFC) is the umbrella organization for Track and Field in Edmonton and surrounding area.

Our Mission

To support and promote the vibrant and active world of Track and Field within the greater Edmonton Area.

Our Purpose

To support Track and Field by facilitating the access to key resources such as facilities, equipment, officials, volunteers, and programs.

To promote Track and Field by representing the community and its interests. We will work with partners across Canada to develop exciting opportunities that bring growth and awareness to the sport.

Our CORE Values

  • Community - The true key to our success comes from our ability to work together.

  • Equality - We believe that all athletes, no matter the age or performance level, should have equal opportunity to achieve their best.

  • Performance - Everyone has personal goals and it is our duty to give them the best opportunity to experience success.

  • Accountability - Just as our athletes are accountable to themselves for their own performances, we too must stay accountable to our members for our actions.

Key Activities

  • Facilities - We work hard to ensure that our athletes have access to the facilities and equipment they need to succeed. We work with groups like the City of Edmonton, and the University of Alberta to deliver high quality facilities for both the indoor and outdoor seasons. We continue to look for opportunities to create new or upgrade existing facilities to ensure continued access well into the future.

  • Events - Partnering with Athletics Alberta and individual clubs, the council is dedicated to delivering many high quality competition events throughout the year. We want to ensure that all of our athletes have enough opportunities to achieve their personal best.

  • Member Development - The Council is constantly working with partners to offer opportunities to grow and develop new athletes, coaches, volunteers, and officials.